Articles by André Gomes Silva

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Japan Soft Power House

We tend to look to the Western World for references to our way of behavior, not only regarding political organization, but also in cultural terms. It is not strange to anyone that perhaps the United…

The World in December 7-13

European Union meeting week In a week of meeting of EU members, and with the 2021-2027 budget unlocked, Brexit is the next topic on the European agenda that is making its members worried, but united….

Digital Geopolitics, part II

The Digital Revolution is still ongoing, but the chapter changed with the arrival of the internet in the 90’s. The internet has opened doors to a new reality, the world got smaller and more complex….

Digital Geopolitics, part I

Technology has always played a fundamental role in human evolution, not only as a species, but also in terms of the international system. The three great economic revolutions show its importance, and how politics and…

Two Suggested Readings in Geopolitics: Peter Zeihan

The Accidental Superpower The Bretton Woods system, which materialized what was also called Pax Americana, still guides us to what we know as the international system today, a legacy of the post-World War II order,…

Comparação do antes e depois da explosão no porto de Tianjin em 2015, via Google Earth

Intelligence in the Modern Age

The Third Industrial Revolution, at the end of the 90’s and early 2000’s, created a new wave of globalization, or as the World Economic Forum puts it, a “Globalization on steroids”, which would once again…