24th-30th of April 2023

Translated by: João Nunes

Civil War proceeds in Sudan

Conflicts remains alight in Sudan. Despite the ceasefire, enlarged this Thursday, both sides mutually accuse each other of violations in the agreement and sporadic confrontations. Since then, the army announced the reduction of its capabilities to 55% compared to the beginning of the conflict, with the occupation of a laboratory in Khartum by one of the belligerents being noteworthy, with the WTO declaring it a “great biological risk”. The USA, last Thursday, asked the North American citizens to leave the country until last Saturday. The UN refers a “breaking point” concerning the humanitarian crisis.

Zelensky and Xi Jinping talked for the first time since the beginning of the Russian invasion

The Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, declared having a “long and meaningful” talk with the Chinese homologue, Xi Jinping, this Wednesday. “I believe that this call, as well as the nomination of the Ukrainian ambassador in China, will give a strong push in the development of our bilateral relations”, wrote Zelensky on Twitter.

Afterwards, the spokeswoman of the Chinese foreign affairs ministry, Hua Chunying, gave more details about the call between both presidents, the first since the beginning of the Russian invasion: “In relation to the crises in Ukraine, China is always on the side of peace. Its main stance is the facilitation of talks towards to peace”. Wrote Hua on Twitter.

“China did not create the crisis in Ukraine, nor is it part of the crisis. As a permanent member of the Security Council of the United Nations and an important and responsible country. China will not stay put with arms crossed, nor will it add fuel to the fire, and much less exploit the situation for its own gain” continued the spokeswoman, confirming that China will send a representative to Kiev.

Other News

Syrian protesters demand the prosecution of Bashar Al-Assad

Israeli missiles hit Syria, wounding 3 people

Attack on post in Burkina Faso provokes the death of at least 33 soldiers

South Africa falls back on the decision of abandoning the ICJ, claiming communication error

Number of victims of hunger cult in Kenya rises to 73

Dmitry Medvedev alerts for the possibility of new World War

Paraguai elects new President, Santiago PenaKim Jong-Un’s sister alerts to proportional answer to USA-South Korea settlement

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