27/03-02/04 2023

Translated by: Laura Montebello

Bolsonaro vs. Lula – 2nd Round

After having left Brazil near the inauguration of Lula da Silva, Jair Bolsonaro returns to the country three months later. At the same time that he is preparing to organize and guide the opposition to Lula, investigations are underway that put Bolsonaro in fragile positions, namely regarding the case of the Saudi jewels and the invasion and attack on the headquarters of the three Powers.

During his exile in the US, the former Brazilian president presided over several right-wing political rallies and his stay in US territory came to be debated in Congress, given the association with coup events in Brazil.

Still, Bolsonaro is expected to adopt a confrontational position against Lula, resorting to the corruption case associated with the “Lava-Jato” operation that led the president to prison, and later to his acquittal. Recently, the leader of the Catholic Church came to Lula’s defense, classifying the process of his accusation in Lava-Jato as unfair and without evidence, interpreting it as a political persecution, highlighting other scenarios in South America, such as Argentina.

Russia and the maintenance of international peace and security

Russia assumed the presidency of the United Nations Security Council last Saturday, a rotating and ceremonial position that was received under immense international criticism, since the Charter of the United Nations does not provide for the suspension or expulsion of a permanent member from assuming this position. Putin, the president of the Russian Federation, is the subject of an arrest warrant by the ICC for war crimes and the Ukrainian permanent representation in the United Nations has already spoken out on this reality, drawing attention to how “absurd” it is for Russia to assume this role.

Earlier in the week, the Russian Federation also carried out a major military exercise that involved maneuvers of warships and warplanes, having tested the supersonic anti-ship missiles Moskit in the Sea of Japan. In Ukraine, the fighting has not ceased, especially in Bakhmut, where the Wagner Group and Kiev troops have been battling for weeks.

Other News:

  • In Finland’s legislative elections, the center-right and far-right are reinforced by the fall of the left and center-left parties, causing Sanna Marin to be defeated by conservative leader Petteri Orpo, who garnered 20.8% of the vote.
  • A week after visiting Russia, the Ukrainian president invited Xi Jinping to visit Ukraine, the same week in which the Chinese leader met with the president of the Spanish government, who reportedly reinforced this plea.
  • The Turkish parliament ratified Finland’s entry into the Atlantic Alliance after Hungary’s green light earlier in the week.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi met a Russian delegation to discuss the “mutual interests” of the two countries, in the context of a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, where it was said that last year oil sales to India skyrocketed.
  • New Zealand has said it is considering joining AUKUS, despite rejecting the nuclear pillar as the country’s anti-nuclear “moral commitment” and focusing on technological cooperation. This Anglophone alliance seeks to form a blockade of Chinese expansionism in the Indo-Pacific and the acquisition of nuclear submarines was once one of the divisive issues in the international order.
  • The military junta that took power in Myanmar dissolved about 40 opposition parties for failing to stand for organized elections, including Aung San Suu Kyi’s party.
  • French trade unions have been summoned for labour law negotiations with Macron’s executive, but repealing the increase in the retirement age is an unattainable opportunity, even though the capital is covered in tons of rubbish and the target of constant protests and clashes between security forces and protesters.
  • According to the latest World Values Survey study, the British have more trust in the EU and the European institutions than the Government of Rushi Sunak and the UK Parliament. This survey is conducted over the years and there has been reduction of distrust in the institutions of the European Union since the events of Brexit.

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