20th-26th March 2023

Translated by: Laura Montebello

Xi Jinping visits Putin 3 days after ICC arrest warrant issued
Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Russia on March 20th, 21st and 22nd. It was the first visit since the invasion of Ukraine began, and took place three days after the arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court to Putin.

As the first meeting began, Russian offensives on Ukrainian barricades intensified. For Xi Jinping, this visit is a “day of friendship, cooperation and peace” and was aimed at reinforcing China’s role as an intermediate in the resolution of the Ukrainian conflict.

Vladimir Putin, nicknamed as “Dear Friend” by the Chinese leader, has praised China’s economic growth in recent years, and suggested that this provokes interest and envy for the rest of the world.

Both leaders also discussed China’s peace proposal, and Putin was open to entering the negotiation process.

For Antony Blinken, the head of U.S. diplomacy, China visiting Moscow, shows that they do not feel the need to “hold the Russian president accountable for the atrocities inflicted on Ukraine.” And as for the peace proposal, Blinken says that some of the elements China proposes follow the guidelines that Washington has long tried to promote in the world.

UBS buys Credit Suisse at the proposal of the Swiss Government.
After devaluing €2.5 billion on the stock exchange in just one week, Credit Suisse has reached an agreement with UBS for its purchase for more than three billion euros.

Switzerland’s biggest bank, UBS, has agreed to buy its rival Credit Suisse, an emergency solution proposed by Swiss authorities to avoid a liquidity crisis and the bankruptcy of Switzerland’s second-largest bank. To avoid bankruptcy and speed up the deal, Swiss authorities had to amend a law and circumvent the shareholder vote.

This agreement has elicited positive reactions, with the president of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, praising the response of the Swiss government that sought to create conditions to restore financial stability.

Other News:

U.S. bombs Iranian-linked targets in Syria after suffering Iranian-origin drone attack

Protests in Iraq on a date marking the 20th anniversary of the American invasion

Protests in South Africa against unemployment and energy costs.

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