13th to 19th March 2023

Russian fighter jet collides with a United States Air Force drone over the Black Sea

A Russian fighter jet (SU-27) collided with a US drone (MQ-9) that was flying in the international airspace, above the Black Sea, as AFP reports and quoting information forwarded by the US military, last Tuesday. The US Air Force (USAF), as AFP reports, claimed that the Russian fighter jet damaged the drone’s propeller, forcing the USAF to bring down its own aircraft over the Black Sea. According information reported by Sky News, the two Russian Su-27 aircraft had previously attempted to intercept the US MQ-9 drone – even dumping fuel in front of it several times before the collision. “Our MQ-9 drone was conducting routine operations in international airspace when it was intercepted and struck by a Russian aircraft, resulting in an accident and the complete loss of the vehicle,” explained USAF General James Hecker, quoted by the television station. The USAF general also pointed out that this “unsafe and unprofessional act, on the part of the Russians, almost caused both aircraft to crash”.

Source: “Notícias ao Minuto”

The International Criminal Court issued a warrant for the arrest of Vladimir Putin

The International Criminal Court (ICC) announced on Friday that an arrest warrant had been issued on Russian President Vladimir Putin, charging him with war crimes in Ukraine. The announcement was made over Twitter, with the court, located in The Hague, also charging the Children’s Rights Commissioner for the Russian presidency, Maria Alekseyevna Lvova-Belova. In a statement, the ICC writes that Putin is “allegedly responsible for the war crime of illegal deportation of (child) population and the illegal transfer of (child) population from occupied areas in Ukraine to the Russian Federation.” “The crimes were allegedly committed on occupied Ukrainian territory from at least February 24, 2022 [the day the invasion began]. There are reasons to believe that Mr Putin bears individual criminal responsibility for the above crimes, for committing acts (directly, together with others and/or with others), and for failing to exercise control over military and civilian subordinates who commit these acts,” the ICC further explained.

Source: “Notícias ao Minuto”

On other News

– Violent protests in France, against the increase of the retirement age as proposed by Macron


– Putin visits Crimea, to mark its annexation anniversary


– Xi Jinping is expected to visit Moscow, next week


– German Education Minister will participate in an historical visit to Taiwan


– Erdogan supports Finnish application for NATO membership


– Attempted arrest on Former Pakistani PM


– Clashes in Senegal: Police and opposition supporters take it to the streets


– Protests persists in Israel, in response to Netanyahu’s intransigence


– Protests in Italy after backlash over same-sex couples rights


– Montenegro’s president dismiss parliament, after failure to form a government


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