19th-25th December 2022

Translated by: José Chaiça

Christmas as a weapon of resistance to Russia.

Seen as an historic achievement, some Ukrainian Orthodox celebrated, this year, Christmas on December 25th (instead of January 7th), as was traditional and also, as Russians do. In October the Ukrainian Orthodox Church had already allowed this change, in a decision linked with the current war and for political purposes. This act was thought as a way for the population to resist Russia, in a move away from the Moscow authorities and more towards Western tradition.

Still, Christmas has not brought a truce to Ukraine and the bombing continues. The city of Kherson was bombed, again, on the eve of the 25th, a date which marked ten months of fighting and resistance to the Russian invasion. Sixteen individuals were killed and more than fifty wounded were recorded, in this offensive. But even amid sirens and red alerts, the Ukrainians did not gave up and gathered in church to attend a Christmas mass, on the 25th December and for the first time.

China responds to Taiwanese provocations

The approval of the new 2023 US budget provides $10 billion to be earmarked for assistance and arms sales to Taiwan. The Chinese government, which were never fond of the Taiwanese-American relations, expressed strong dissatisfaction and opposition to this decision by Washington.

Despite US aid, Taiwan’s military capability is much smaller than that of China, and its air force has been hard pressed, following the approval of the new budget, and as Chinese planes fly regularly over Taiwanese territory. According to a statement read by the People’s Liberation Army spokesman, these military manoeuvres are a strong response to the growing collusion and provocations between the United States and the island’s authorities. The spokesman did not specify the exact location of those exercises, but released photographs which highlighted the approach of Chinese aircraft to the coast of Taiwan.


  • A huge winter storm struck large parts of the United States, with deadly consequences.
  • Seven individuals with ties to Britain, have been arrested, by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, over the anti-government protests that have spread across the country, in recent months.
  • Chilean government issued a state of emergency decree, due to violent forest fires, raging across the country.
  • The European Union has reprimanded Spain for failing to correctly address anti-pollution measures. If the non-compliance persists, Spain might receive heavy fines.
  • In Afghanistan, armed guards are blocking women from attending Afghan universities.
  • COP15 reached an agreement to protect 30% of the planet by 2030 and to unlock $30 billion in annual aid for biodiversity conservation, in developing countries.
  • Chile will establish an embassy in the Palestinian territories, making it one of the few countries to have an embassy-level representation in those territories, which are disputed with Israel.

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