5th-11th December 2022

Translated by: Laura Montebello

Germany detained 25 people who were preparing a coup d’état and invasion of parliament

Twenty-five people were arrested in Germany for an alleged conspiracy against the government that included the preparation of armed attacks, according to the German Attorney General’s Office. According to the BBC, several operations have been carried out across the country to stop an attempt by far-right and ex-military personalities to invade Parliament and seed power in the country.

The BBC has revealed that some of the detainees are members of the Reichsbürger (Citizens of the Reich), a German far-right movement with neo-Nazi links, for which the authorities have long focused attention due to violent attacks and racist acts. This group refuses the existence of Germany as it is, from the state to the institutions and to the borders.

Putin responds to Western price cap with threat of cut in oil production

Russia could cut oil production in order to fight back against the ceiling imposed on Russian crude barrels by the G7, EU and Australia agreement. The warning was given by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We are not saying that this is the solution at the moment, but, if necessary, we believe that it is possible to reduce production,” Putin said.

The final decision will be made through a presidential decree in the coming days, added the head of state, in statements to journalists, broadcast on Russian public television Rossiya 24 T.

Other News

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