29/11 – 04/12 of 2022

Iranian Morality Police Suspended

The Morality Police, which inspected the Iranian population’s moral behaviour, namely the fulfilment of codes of conduct, for example, regarding the clothes Iranians wear.

The decision from the Prosecutor-General of the Iranian Republic was made after months of protests and demonstrations against the violent behaviour of this force and against the oppressive means used by the islamic regime, which would’ve resulted in the death of young Mahsa Amini.

The numbers related to deaths is very odd: on the one hand, the official sources of the regime don’t agree on the numbers, being undecided between more than 200 or 300 casualties, but some NGO’s bring up numbers above 1500 – a number higher than the victims of the November 2019 protests.

Other News:

·      The protests against the Chinese “Covid Zero” policy have resulted in immense social turmoil, and the protesters have even reacted against authorities, namely due to forced isolation.

·      After announcing that he’d be running for President in 2024, Donald Trump has asked for the suspension of the North American Constitution, denouncing the fraudulent practises that it has enabled and that can be legitimised in the next elections.

·      Interpol have doubled down on its “red warning” of Isabel dos Santos’ capture, due to the accusations of corruption, money-laundering and deviation of over a billion dollars off of Angola.

·      Russian and Chinese aircraft in a joint patrol operation were found to be circling the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea.

·      Six envelopes were intercepted in Madrid containing pyrotechnic material, sent to some Spanish ministers and the Us and Ukrainian ambassadors – the only one that came to explode. So far, the person responsible has not yet been identified.

·      The Wagner group, a Russian paramilitary company, reportedly shaded diamonds while deployed on a mission in the Central African Republic.

·      After setting a ceiling on the price of a barrel of oil by the West, Russia refuses to sell it, even though it has to reduce its production.

·      Germany has signed a 15 year liquid gas purchase agreement with Qatar, an attempt to bridge the energy crisis it will have on Winter.

·      Investigations have already begun into the acts perpetuated by four young military men who allegedly attempted a coup d’état on November 25 in São Tomé and Príncipe, when they took the barracks of the Armed Forces. On social media are circulating some of the alleged acts of torture and murder, but the sources are not reliable.

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