4th-9th August 2022

Translated by: Tiago Jorge

US, China and Taiwan hanging in the balance
Both major players have cut cooperation ties this week in the climate, judicial and military areas, following numerous “provocations” that placed Taiwan as an important pawn in the race for influence.

After Nancy Pelosi – speaker of the United States’ House of Representatives – visited Taiwan, ties between the United States and China were affected by an escalation of tensions – especially military ones – after the US Navy deployed four warplanes to eastern Taiwan waters. In retaliation, China has been performing, incessantly, military exercises in the Taiwan Strait, that even led to some missiles hitting the Japanese Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Additionally, the Chinese regime will move forward with unspecified sanctions against Pelosi and her family.

The Taiwanese defence minister revealed that Taiwan will respond to China’s provocations with military exercises of their own and called for the international community’s support for “democratic Taiwan” in order to avoid a military conflict that could be born from the current escalation of violence.

Tensions in the Gaza strip
Tensions between Israel and Palestine have resurfaced, this time due to Israeli retaliations against the Islamic Jihad – one of the biggest Palestinian armed groups in Gaza that are being supported by Iran – that allegedly were preparing an attack. The Palestinian Islamic Jihad have launched close to 160 rockets against Israel, leaving no casualties. As for this week’s Israeli retaliations, the Gaza strip saw 43 deaths – including 15 children – and more than 300 wounded.

Southern Europe’s extreme heat waves
The heat wave has been causing wildfires and extreme drought periods and led to tight measures being taken on the distribution and water supply. Cities in Portugal, Spain and Italy have been limiting the access given the dependence on agricultural and livestock production.

The absence of rain has contributed for the likelihood of this situation to happen again, since water consumption increases as temperature rises. In Portugal, watersheds have seen a decrease in stored water volume and in Spain, the dams water reserves decreased in such a way that in Viñuela, Málaga, the situation is critical and the combat measures involve interrupting the watering of public parks and water consumption in public fountains. In Italy, the crisis is so critical that the drought enabled the discovery of a submerged 450-kilogram World War II bomb in the Po River, in Lombardia.

Other news

  • After the signature of a cereal export treaty between Russia and Ukraine, a number of loads have already departed on its way to Turkey, where they were inspected, and headed off to Lebanon. Additionally, this deal foresees Russian agricultural products and fertilizer exports.
  • In Ouakan, Mali, 12 civilians were killed by supposed jihadists who attracted the victims through a decoy that ended up in an explosion.
  • The United States have announced the murder of Al-Qaeda’s leader, Ayman al- Zawahiri, in Afghanistan after a drone strike. Zawahiri is believed to have orchestrated the 9/11 attacks and succeeded Osama Bin-Laden.
  • India’s government approved a new legislature that seeks to reach carbonic neutrality by 2070, since the country is already producing more than 40% green energy and looks to increase their current capacity to clean source energy,
  • Cape Verde is considering an application to the United Nations’ Human Rights Council.
  • In recent poll results, Lula da Silva leads against current Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, with 44% and 32% voting intentions, respectively. The same poll reveals that 27% enquired approve Bolsonaro’s government.

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