June 27th – July 3rd 2022

Translated by: João Nunes

Portuguese-Brazilian relations
The Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro decided to cancel the entire schedule with the Portuguese emissary, visiting due to the centenary celebrations, following a meeting between Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa with Lula da Silva, one of Bolsonaro’s opponents in the race for Palácio do Planalto, scheduled to October.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa was visiting the country due to the Centenary celebration of the illustrious project of national aviation executed by Sacadura Cabral and Gago Coutinho, through the South Atlantic, connecting Portugal to Brazil. Also this year, Marcelo will be present in the celebrations of the Bicentenary of Brazilian Independence and, after this slight diplomatic disagreement, sets aside any divergence, mentioning the “brotherhood” between the Portuguese and the Brazilian peoples.

A new Caravan of Mexican migrants
The USA are about to receive at their doorstep a new caravan of thousand of migrants from Cuba, Venezuela and Mexico, that escape the precarious and inhumane life standards and seek asylum in north-American territory. The caravan departs from the Mexican South, Tapachula, near the frontier with Guatemala, and the goal is the same – basic living standards, better access to education and healthcare, and proper job opportunities.

Recently, the international community awoke with the news that a freight transport truck contained 53 corpses of migrants that attempted the illegal crossing, in Texas. Considering the conjuncture of this phenomenon, similar episodes are expected. On the other hand, the Supreme Court of the United States allowed the Biden administration to cancel the anti-immigration program launched by Donald Trump

Other News

  • In a recent declaration, the Pope advised Latin American to stay united against the “exploratory imperialisms” and against the populist movements that, remembering the independence struggles of José de San Martín and Simón Bolívar, offer immense resistance to the development of the region.
  • A mission was sent to Guinea-Bissau, in order to evaluate the global sentiment for the preparation of the next elections in December, to be taken after an instable political and social scenario, with a Coup d’état attempt and conflicts with opponents of Nuno Gomes Nabiam’s Government.
  • After the final decision of the Supreme Court of the United States to reverse Roe v. Wade, abortion was already forbidden or restricted in 21 States, mainly in Wisconsin, where criminalization is total and doesn’t consider exceptions in Rape situations. President Joe Biden, however, hasn’t hidden his opposition to the decision and has shown resistance to the “radical republican agenda”, projected in the seats of the highest north-American Instance by six conservative judges against three liberals.
  • In Libya, dozens of protesters invaded parliament in Tobruk and vandalized and set the space on fire, due to the precarious conditions in which the population is currently standing and the political instability that doesn’t seem to offer an answer to the people. The population complains about the inflated prices of essential goods that take the people to poverty, and mainly, they rebel against the constant cuts in electricity, due to the restrictions the oil companies have set because of the current policies.
  • After a long break of 8 years, the European Union and India are directing efforts to resume commercial relations, having set the end of 2023 as a deadline to celebrate a new commercial deal – “One of the most important relations for the next decade”, declared the European Commissioner for Trade, Valdis Dombrovskis.
  • Between the days 27th of June and 1st of July, the United Nations Ocean Conference was held in Lisbon, organized by the Portuguese and Kenyan Governments, where the various States addressed situations regarding climate change, like the heating, acidification, rising sea levels and costal erosion. It was declared a “deep regret” between State parties, concerning the raising of efforts to comply with the 14th objective of Sustainable development.
  • Ukraine presented to the International Court of Justice a report to reinforce its accusation of genocide against the Russian Federation, showing false premisses of genocide against its own people in Donbass.

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