20th-26th June 2022

Translated by: João Nunes

Status of candidate country to the European Union for Ukraine and Moldova approved
The Leaders of the 27 member-states of the European Union approved this Thursday – in the European Council – the status of candidate country to the EU for Ukraine.

This approval reaches Moldova, that is also a candidate country now. Charles Michel considers this to be “an historical moment”, that “marks an essential step in the way” of these countries for European integration. Accession to the European Union was requested in a letter signed by Zelensky on the 28th of February of this year, only four days after the Russian invasion. “Obviously the countries have to do their homework before advancing to the next step of the accession process. I’m convinced that everyone will move as quickly as possible and work as hard as possible to implement the necessary reforms”, declared, in a press conference, the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.

The Supreme Court of the United States reverts decision that legalized abortion
The Supreme Court of the United States reverted the decision in the Roe vs Wade case, from 1973, that legalized abortion in the entire country. From the nine judges, the conservative majority of six voted in favour, while the three liberals voted against.

This reversal will allow any American state to forbid abortion, measure already implemented in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Dakota e Utah, with the prohibition being also anticipated in Idaho, Tennessee, Texas, Mississippi, North Dakota e Wyoming. The Supreme Court was “renewed” by former president Donald Trump, that nominated three conservative judges, and, in this way, consolidated the conservative majority that doesn’t seem to want to stop with the suppression of the right to abort.

Meanwhile, American president Joe Biden reacted, defending that the “only way to restore women’s right of choice is congress recreating the protections of Roe vs Wade as federal law”, appealing to vote in the democratic party in the November’s midterm elections, when the Republican party will try to attain majority in both chambers.

Gustavo Petro elected President of Colombia
The candidate is the first leftist elected in history, defeating the tycoon Rodolfo Hernández in the second round with 50,88% of votes.

Elections in sight for Israel after Prime-Minister’s resignation
The surrendering of Naftali Bennet to pressure will result in a vote to dissolve Parliament and opens the way to the fifth electoral procedure in just three years.

Negotiations between NATO, Sweden and Finland proceed for accession in the military alliance
Despite the conversations between NATO and Turkey not changing Erdogan’s stance, negotiations will continue in the following days.

Russia assumes control of Severodonetsk
The city was formerly inhabited by 100000 residents, and it was taken by the Russian army after weeks of confrontation.

Russia threatens Lithuania after the Baltic country blocked the passage of iron and steel to Kaliningrad
The Head of the Russian Security Council warned the Lithuanian people of serious consequences after country added a steel and iron blockade to the severing of Russian energy importation.

European Union promises 600 million euro help to Africa, Caribbean, and other regions due to the food crises provoked by the Ukrainian conflict
The announcement was made by Ursula von der Leyen in Brussels last Monday at the European Union summit.

International Energy Agency warns Europe to prepare for Russian Gas Cut-off
Member-states of the European Union initiated the supply race of storage posts, while they try to reduce the dependence of Russian products.

Taiwan sends planes to confront the 29 Chinese aircraft that entered its air space
It was the third largest number of Chinese Jets entering the Taiwanese air space since the beginning of the year and it happens less than a month after a similar operation by the Chinese military

Russia promises nuclear missiles to Belarus
The missile systems have a 500km range, making the Ukrainian intelligence state that the Russians pretend the inclusion of Belarus in the conflict.

Members of the Commonwealth about to meet in Rwanda
The Heads of Government will meet in Kigali next Friday and will attempt to solve problems regarding climate change and the hunger crises caused by the Ukrainian War

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