11th-17th July 2022

Translated by: João Nunes

Ukraine and Russia reach an agreement for the exportation of Cereal
The Turkish minister of defence confirmed, this Wednesday, that the negotiations between Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, and United Nations culminated in a settlement to form a centre of coordination, to guarantee the security of the cereal transportation routes.

In an official statement, the Turkish minister of defence, Hulusi Akar, states that an agreement will be signed next week, when every party meets again, adding that all sides agreed in combined controls to verify cereal in respective ports.

In the statement, the minister mentions: “It was executed a meeting between the military delegations of the Turkish, Russian and Ukrainian defence ministries, and the delegation of the United Nations, hosted by the National Defence Ministry, in Kalender Kasri”.

“In today’s meeting, that was an important step given to contribute to the solution of the food crisis of cereal and other foods, every detail about the secure transference of loaded ships by sea”, adds the minister. He also states that, because of the meeting “that happened in a positive and constructive environment” it was “reached an agreement on basic technical questions like the creation of a coordination centre in Istanbul where would be present representatives of all sides, combined controls when leaving the port and in arrival destinations”.

The goal will be to “guarantee the security of navigation in the transfer routes”. It was then settled that the Ukrainian and Russian delegations must meet again in Turkey next week. In this meeting, every detail will be revised a deal will be signed.

Joe Biden touring the Middle East
The American president visited the region for the first time as president, going through Israel, where Iran continues to dictate the agenda, through Saudi Arabia (that now opens all direct aerial routes), e the Palestinian territories, where he was received by protests and accused of perpetuating the Israeli aggression. The president of the USA shares the concerns of the Israeli chief of government about the danger that the advancement of the Iranian nuclear program represents.

Despite the decision of the American president that upsetting Chinese and Russian influence, applying pressure to increase the production of oil and encouraging closer ties with Israel were enough reasons to pay the political price of traveling to Saudi Arabia, his staff were afraid of any image of Biden shaking the hand of MBS – how the crown prince and de facto leader of the country is known. The meeting was at the doorstep of the Al-Salam palace, in Jeddah, where Mohammed bin Salman waited for the American president. There was no traditional handshake, but a fist bump, with closed fists, popularized by the pandemic.

Biden refused to meet with the family of the journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, allegedly killed by the Israeli when covering a police operation, but invited them to come to Washington. He also said that the USA will continue to insist in total transparency regarding what happened.

Sri Lankan President confirms his resignation after violent protests

Mexican President meets Joe Biden in a period of tension between the countries

United States confirm the assassination of the leader of the Islamic State in Syria

Putin prepares to visit Iran

Rishi Sunak has the advantage to replace Boris Johnson

Italian Prime-Minister Resigns, but President rejects his resignation and encourages Draghi to solve internal disputes

Israel launches aerial operation in Gaza Strip, without confirmed deaths

Thousands evacuated: Spree of Wildfires invades Southern Europe

EU proposes new sanctions regarding the exportation of Russian gold

North Macedonia votes to begin negotiations with Bulgaria

Myanmar representative in Moscow looking for support

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