The total denial of women’s bodies’ sovereignty

Written by Ricardo Moniz

Translated by Tiago Jorge

It’s urgent to reignite the fight that dictated, 50 years ago, the future of more than 20 million women.
Last Thursday, the Supreme Court of the United States have reached the Republican Party’s insane and extreme goal of supressing women of their right to make their own decisions on reproductive health, by overturning the Roe vs Wade decision that made legal, in 1973, the right to abortion.
This transcending reluctance that looms in today’s day and age is, certainly, a reflection of the supremacy chauvinism still holds in modern society.
This nefarious episode is the perfect illustration of human dignity’s absolute denial in trying to control women and their bodies – forcing them to power through a pregnancy period that’ll lead to their or their own children’s future death. It’s important, however,
to mention that this law won’t stop abortions, it simply eliminates the access to safe abortions and to essential and required medical assistance.
It’s inconceivable to think about the impact this insipience still has in setting and protecting human rights. Nevertheless, it’s in this inability to comprehend that fundamental decisions on women’s health must be made by them, not by right-wing politicians, that resides conservatism’s role.
Surely, if preserving and protecting human life was the focus point, we’d be
concentrating forces on the hundreds of thousands of children continuously neglected and the precarious foster care system, instead of bringing more lives into a world where their needed security and support aren’t guaranteed. To think that this Court will stop at abortion is a mistake. Eliminating the right to abortion puts other right protected by the 14th Amendment at risk. That’s why today, more than ever, is urgent to guarantee that those fundamental freedoms don’t continue to be eradicated by conservative minds and that future women, today’s children who look forward to a more prosperous and secure future, will have access to
indispensable health care to salvage not only their physical and mental health, but also the proper vital support they need.

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