The World in September 28 – August 4

Nagorno-Karabakh and the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict

Developments in the Nagorno-Karabakh region, where confrontations had already made themselves noticed in July, resulting in 16 deaths, threaten to break regional stability. After weeks in which the conflict threatened to reignite, Armenia and Azerbaijan declared martial law and mobilized troops to the region, where the escalation materialized in open conflict.

The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry stated having secured strategic positions, accusing Armenia of launching artillery strikes. Armenia, on the other hand, states that there was an attack by Azerbaijan on the city of Stepanakert. The UN Security Council is reported to have organized closed-door consultations to discuss the situation, with Russia calling for a cease-fire and offering to mediate negotiations.

To make matters more complicated, the Armenian ambassador in Russia stated that 4,000 Syrian mercenaries were present in the region, with the help of Turkey, in order to fight for Azerbaijan. Without any means to confirm these numbers, reports in other media sources state that there were casualties among Syrian mercenaries, who were contractors working for Turkish defense companies. Additionally, there are accusations that Iran is transporting armament to support Armenia, which Iran denies.

Donald Trump contracts Covid-19

The US President, Donald Trump, tested positive to Covid-19, which originated in his aide, Hope Hicks. Many elements close to the President also tested positive as a result, and Trump is being closely monitored in a Hospital environment. This development raises questions over how it may impact the electoral result, while the severity of the infection is not certain.

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